Occultation Updated-TYC2 1856007451 / 87 Sylvia

 Characteristics of the celestial bodies
  Asteroid: 87 Sylvia
  Star: Updated-TYC2 1856007451

 Geocentric prediction
  Epoch: 2013-01-06T01:42:22 UTC
  Star coordinates: 5h 31m 27s +27° 29' 19"
  Star magnitude: 10.8
  Duration: 20.3s
  Magnitude drop: 1.6
  Minimum distance: 1.587" @ 6.4° N

 General circumstances
  Beginning of occulation on Earth: 2013-01-06T01:36:17 UTC
  End of occultation on Earth: 2013-01-06T01:50:37 UTC
  Asteroid magnitude: 12.1
  Asteroid diameter (IRAS): 263.0km
  Asteroid apparent motion: 24.28"/h
  Sun elongation: 157°
  Moon elongation:
  Illuminated fraction of the Moon: 38%

 Visibility path
General view
Lieux de visibilite - Carte generale
Detailled view
Lieux de visibilite - Carte details
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 Field of view


 Additional information
  • Updated prediction: the orbital elements of (87) Sylvia have been fitted by S. Preston on Dec. 21st, 2012 (more info). The position of the occulted star (Updated-TYC2 1856007451) has been fitted on 6 images (R filter) acquired on Dec. 1st, 2012, with the 60 cm telescope of Les Makes observatory (IAU 181, Ile de la Réunion - France):
    • Epoch: 2012-12-01T20:04:00.0 UTC
    • Reference frame: FK5 J2000
    • RA = 5h 31m 27s.25135 ± 0".043
      DEC = +27° 29' 19".1910 ± 0".033
    The measured position is very close to the PPMXL position of the star.
  • Dynamical modele: the orbital parameters of the satellites have been fitted by Genoide[Kepler] (2012A&A...543A..68V) on all published observations. The 1-sigma RMS of the fit is ~12 mas.
  • Figures: the black and sky blue traces correspond to the central path, the green ones to Remus and the orange ones to Remulus. The visibility charts are plotted thanks to the Generic Mapping Tools.

 Bibliographical references
  • 2012A&A...543A..68V: Vachier, F., Berthier, J., Marchis, F. 2012. Determination of binary asteroid orbits with a genetic-based algorithm. Astronomy and Astrophysics 543, A68.

  • 2005Natur.436..822M: Marchis F., Descamps P., Hestroffer D., Berthier J., 2005, Discovery of the triple asteroidal system 87 Sylvia, Nature, 436, 822

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