The Transit Venus across solar disk June 8th, 2004 is presented here in several documents realized in educational purposes :

Simple explanation of phenomena and its interest : presentation_Venus2004.pdf

Some animations explaining the mechanisms of eclipses, occultations and periodicities of the Venus transit : the direct vision of these animations is possible if your navigator accepts Java applet :

Venus 2004 (in french)

To win in speed of execution of the animations, you can also download archive : Unzip then all files in the same directory of your hard disk and launch "animations_Venus2004.html" document.

For any comment or critic about these documents, contact the author Luc Duriez

More informations about the Venus or Mercury transit across the Solar are avalaible on the we of the Institut de Mécanique Céleste et de Calcul des Éphémérides :
We will find also some links on organims who participated to the action VenusTransit-2004 : We suggest to all amateurs observing the transit of Venus in front of the Sun and sending their observations to realize a new determination of the distance Earth-Sun in km, as those who were led during the previous transit in 17 and 18th centuries.

We'll find simple explanations on calculation of the distance Earth-Sun from the Venus transit on the site of CLEA (Committee of Connection Enseignants-Astronomes) :

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