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INPOP10e, a 4-D planetary ephemeris


A. Fienga, H. Manche, J. Laskar, M. Gastineau, and A. Verma : 2012, INPOP new release: INPOP10e.

scientific notes : PDF file

Data used to built INPOP ephemerides are available on the APDB data base.


The orbital solutions of the Sun, the eight planets, the dwarf planet Pluto and the Moon, the libration of the Moon are available as binary or text data files. These orbital solutions are expressed in the TDB and TCB time scales. The time scale transformations TT-TDB and TCG-TCB are available in the binary or text data files.
The binary and text data files provide the rectangular coordinates (x,y,z) in kilometers of the bodies with respect to the International Celestial Reference Frame (ICRF). The librations are given in radians. The time scale transformation TT-TDB and TCG-TCB is given in seconds for the files including it.

Download INPOP10e ephemeris files

These INPOP10e ephemeris files are provided in four file formats

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