2010 Perseids
Publiée le 2010-08-19
2010 Perseids
The maximum of the Perseids meteor shower happens on the night of Thursday 12th to Friday, 13 August 2010, as expected by the predictions models (see also the link). The IMCCE conducted some observations from the Pic-du-midi Observatory using its brand-new high-resolution camera, and detected many meteors.

We provided here after the link towards those images, as well as pictures taken with a dslr-camera all summed up in a video file. This campaign was one of the last test before the complete installation of our high-resolution cameras, and is part of the PODET-MET project, partially supported by the city of Paris. The results are very encouraging, and the Perseids were beautiful as usual! The International meteor organization (IMO) reports a ZHR of 100 meteors per hour.

Puce Meteor images
Puce All night animation movie
Puce IMO website (International Meteor Organization)
Puce Images taken with the high-resolution cameras
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