Publication of the IMCCE scientific and technical Note S093
Publiée le 2008-06-02
The IMCCE scientific and technical Note S093 ''Some uncompleted problems of newtonian and relativistic celestial mechanics'' is published. In that note V.A. Brumberg makes a review of some problems of Newtonian and relativistic celestial mechanics to be regarded as uncompleted problems worthy of further investigation. These problems include :

- the construction of general solution of the three-body problem by means of the series of polynomials,

- the construction of theories of motion using the fast converging elliptic function expansions,

- the representation of the rotation of the planets in the form compatible with the general planetary theory,

- the relativistic extansion of the newtonian theories of motion and rotation, - the simplification of relativistic celestial mechanics and astrometry in the post--Newtonian approximation by using the linearized metric of general relativity,

- the motion of the solar system bodies at the cosmological background.

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