Creation of the African Astronomical Society
Publiée le 2011-04-14
On 13th April 2011 has been launched the Astronomical African Society. The formation of the African Astronomical Society (AfAS) is the culmination of several years of thought on how professional astronomers in Africa can organize to advance the fundamental science and the institutions that support the science, to cultivate the public interests in the science, and as a group become more engaged in the global astronomy community.

The vision of the AfAS is to be “…the voice of the astronomy profession in Africa in order to promote and support research on the continent, and to facilitate the use of astronomy in addressing the challenges faced by Africa.” As a professional society the AfAS seeks to be the primary organizing body for networking, professional development, communicating, planning, and archiving the work of professional astronomers on the African continent.

Puce African Astronomical Society (Afas)
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