2011 MD will pass extremely close by Earth on Monday June 27
Publiée le 2011-06-26
MD 2001 is a small rock in the space of just ten meters in size. It would have remained in eternal anonymity if, during its Earth flyby, it reminds us that its insignificant size can be a worrying threat. How far will he close to the Earth? just the distance go from the north pole to south pole through the center of the Earth, about 12 000km.

The big stone was discovered very recently on 22 June 2011 by the LINEAR robotic telescopes network based in New Mexico. However, even if he had the idea of hitting the Earth's atmosphere, it would have been burned out and pulverized so that it likely would'nt reach the surface.

It will not even have a record of being the extraterrestrial object passed as close to us because on February 4, another tiny asteroid, 2011 CQ 1, is passed only at 5471km! It is true that he had a very modest size of barely one meter.

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