The 2010 Geminids observation campaign
Publiée le 2010-12-30
The 2010 Geminids observation campaign
IMCCE organized a 2010 Geminids international observation campaign. The goal was to test the cameras for the future CABERNET network (CAmera for BEtter Resolution NETwork).

Our team was joined by two colleagues coming from the Czech Republic (P. Koten & D. Capek), as well as J.L. Rault who conducted very low-frequency radio observations. We did split into two teams: one at the Pic du Midi observatory and another one at the Guzet Neige ski resort, located 100 km west of the observatory. This allowed us to get our first double station meteors, which is the key point towards the computation of orbits, and hence the derivation of the origin of meteoroid stream.

caption of the image: a Geminids meteor as well as planet Venus rising above the French Pyrennees, during the IMCCE Geminids observation campaign in Guzet Neige (J. Vaubaillon, Canon Rebel XT, Sigma 30mm F/1.8, 4s).

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