Fireball in the French sky
Publiée le 2012-06-02
Fireball in the French sky
A fireball(i.e a big meteor) was observed on the night of May 27 to 28 by the camera mounted on the roof of the Paris Observatory.

The event was also recorded by automatic cameras dedicated to the observation of meteors belonging to the French Network for the Observation of Meteors. Similarly, eyewitnesses have reported what they saw at the gendarmerie nationale.

The trajectory and the orbit of this object have not yet been calculated, but this observation shows the importance of having a dense network of cameras observing meteors, to be able to calculate the fall point of natural objects. The realization of such a network is currently under study at IMCCE and the Paris Observatory, under the project name "FRIPON".
Puce The "FRIPON" project
Puce Observation of fireball from Paris observatory
Puce Réseau Français d'Observation des Météores
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