New version of the ephemerides «Connaissance des Temps »
Publiée le 2007-01-22
New version of the ephemerides «Connaissance des Temps »
IMCCE provides annually the ephemerides «Connaissance des Temps ». These ephemerides, created in 1679 by Joachim Dalancé, are published under the responsibility of the "Bureau des longitudes" since 1795. Therefore it results from a historical long line.
These data are published for the use by astronomers, professors and students. This book is divided into two parts. The first part gives the current state of knowledge on the fundamental astronomical constants, scales of time, reference systems, rotation of the Earth, coordinates changing as well as explanations necessary to the calculation of the predictions. The second part gives, for the current year, the positions of the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the main satellites. Furthermore an elaborate software is provided on CDROM and gives accurate positional ephemerides, as well as the hours of rises and sunsets and the dates of the phenomena of the Galilean satellites... Starting from 2007, the ephemerides of the Sun, the planets and the Moon are issued from the highly accurate numerical model INPOP06 adjusted on the most recent observations. Format 17,5x24. 368 pages.

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EDP Sciences
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ISBN : 978-2-86883-963-3

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