New impact detected on Jupiter
Publiée le 2010-06-04
New impact detected on Jupiter
On June 3 at 20:31 UTC, the Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley observed for several seconds a brilliant impact in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. Already last year in July 2009 he had also witnessed another of those impacts, and more recently, a few weeks ago, the sudden disappearance of the Great South Equatorial Belt. The event was also imaged by Christopher Go in the Philippines who made a short video movie (see the link below). Anthony Wesley has pinpointed the impact site at Jovian latitude minus 16.1o, and central meridian longitudes CM1: 300°, CM2: 33.8° and CM3: 210.4°.
Puce Home of Anthony Wesley
Puce Movie of the impact by Christopher Go In the Philippines
Puce Annoucement by Anthony Wesley (Australia) on IceInSpace
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