Lyrides as beginnings of meteor shower
Publiée le 2007-02-26
Lyrides as beginnings of meteor shower
After almost three months of weak activity, the “shooting stars” are back. Lyrides constitute the first substantial meteoritic shower of spring and announce the return of the beautiful days. With usual activity of approximately 20 meteors per hour, and exceptionally of more than 100, it is one of the rare meteors shower associated to the comet at long period. It is about C/Thatcher, observed for the last time in 1861. Dominique François Jean Arago (1786-1853) then directing of the observatory of Paris, recognized maximum of Lyrides activity on April 22th of each year. We observe them after 21h (standard time) between the 16 and the 25. Their radiant is located near the circumpolaire star Vega of the Lyre constellation, from where them name. They are shooting stars enough fast, with a relative speed of 49 km/S.
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