natural Earth satellites
Publiée le 2011-12-29
 natural Earth satellites
In addition to the moon, the earth could have ??a second natural satellite made of an asteroid with a size greater than 1 m.

A team of researchers from the University of Hawaii and the Paris Observatory (Granvik Michael, Robert and Jeremiah Jedicke Vaubaillon) demonstrated statistically that there is always an asteroid in orbit around our planet. This result comes from a study that used 1 million particles in a supercomputer of CINES (Montpellier).

Researchers believe that this result would have a significant impact on the return on Earth of samples of interplanetary rocks, given the interest of NASA for a human mission to an asteroid. Studies on the detection of such objects are in progress.

Image Caption : Simulation of the trajectory of an object captured by the Earth. The origin of the coordinate is the center of the Earth and the unit is the average Earth-Moon distance.

Puce Paper accepted for publication in Icarus : The population of natural Earth satellites
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