Heading for universe(s) : Participative choreographic original creation, by artist Maïlys Chassagne, at IMCCE, with CNRS support.
Publiée le 2015-10-07

Made with the participation of people working at IMCCE, the project deals with individual-group relationship in a research institute, and it questions the meaning each of us giving to what we do, questions what makes us moving. During her residence, Maïlys Chassagne brought the participants step by step to create a personal movement, that would answer these essential questions. After a pilote project at ESPCI Paris Tech in 2013, Maïlys Chassagne went further in her artistic work through this one year project at IMCCE. The creation embodies different personalities, universes, in connection with the institute scientific research. On stage, light interplays, twinkling sparkles are then visible, pieces of humanity. This work of residence, choreography and scenography led to a short film. It will be screened followed by a perfomance, and a discussion between lab members, artist, public about the project.

Participants : Benoît, Daniel, Fatoumata, François, Irina, Jérémie, Lucie, Min-Kyung, Pascal, Patrick, Sha-Na, Sylvie, William

Partners : CNRS, IMCCE, Observatoire de Paris, Glow Colors, Le Temps des Cerises.
Label 2015 Year of the Light. Copyrighted SACD.

Photo credit : Mailys Chassagne

When and where ?

  • 8th and 9th october 2015, at 13:00 and 14:00, Paris Diderot University (Fête de la Science).
  • Upcoming dates in autumn
  • 14th february 2016 at 16:30, Le Temps des Cerises, Issy les Moulineaux (La Science se Livre).

More information : visit website lumiere2015 and the latest IMCCE newsletter

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