2008 Nautical Ephemerids
Publiée le 2007-12-06
2008 Nautical Ephemerids
These ephemerides are intended to the use by navigators. They are published by the Bureau des longitudes since 1889. They give the declinations and right ascensions of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturne (hour per hour, to the tenth of minute). They give also the hours of risings and sets of the Sun and the Moon for latitudes ranging between 70 degrees North and 56 degrees South. Usually used by the sailors to take stock at sea, these ephemerides are compulsory for navigation of the high seas.

Éphémérides Nautiques 2008

Éditor: Edinautic
13 rue du Vieux-Colombier
F-75006 PARIS
Prix : 42 €
Format 16x24. 542 pages.
ISBN : 2-9522092-3-5

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