Bolide over Russia
Publiée le 2013-02-15
On Friday 2013/02/15 a bolide was witnessed over the Chelyabinsk area in Russia. The videos available on the internet allowed IMCCE astronomers to confirm the nature of the phenomenon: it is a natural high speed fall of an approximately 10m-size rock (called meteoroid) into the Earth atmosphere. The light bursts show that the rock has fragmented. Deep penetration into the atmosphere caused a sonic boom, which in turn yielded to all the damages (window brakes aso). A first estimate of the trajectory shows that the meteoroid was moving from North-East toward South-West, rulling out any link with asteroid 2012 DA14 which will come close to the Earth the very evening of this same day. Last informations from the internet seem to show that the meteoroid crashed into a lake in the Chebarkul area, confirming the NE-SW trajectory.
Puce Image of the bolide by MeteoSat (credit: Eumetsat)
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