The pages of the present site welcome you to a Tour in the Solar system for those who wish to know more on it either beginners or not.

This Tour is especially made for teachers, students, pupils thanks to a two-level progressive pedagogy. First, a descriptive level without any difficulty for understanding split into three parts: “Encyclopedia”, “Discoveries” and “The space adventure”; second, a more detailed level untitled “Understanding” into four parts: “Calendars and ephemerides”, “Fundamental concepts”, “Knowing more” and “History”.

The present “Tour” is made of about 1000 pages (including more than 1300 images) and is available either on DVD or by downloading the files (cf. contact below).

Below some direct links to this “Tour”:

You may look at the Guide to help you to move inside the site. Go back to the Site map if you are lost… A glossary is proposed to explain the specific terms of astronomy and an index allows you to go straight to your goal.

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