Research teams :
Since 2015, IMCCE iincludes three research teams : Asteroids, Comets, Meteors and Ephemeris (ACME team)
  • Physical and dynamical characteristics of small bodies of Solar system
  • Detection and study of meteoritic streams (FRIPON, CABERNET)
  • Observation and modeling of asteroid multiple systems (Genoide)
  • Modeling 3-D shape of asteroids
  • Astrometry, photometry and spectroscopy of small bodies
  • Equilibrium shapes of rotating bodies
  • Prediction and observation of stellar occultations by small bodies

Astronomy and dynamical systems (ASD team)

  • Numerical modeling of high accuracy of the planetary system and the Moon-Earth system
  • Dynamical planetary models for very long term
  • Formation, evolution and stability of planetary and extrasolar systems
  • Dissipative effects and geophysical consequences
  • Planetary rotation and long term evolution of the rotational parameters and obliquity
  • Earth rotation and theory of precession-nutation
  • Mars and Earth paleoclimates
  • Numerical methods: frequency analysis, symplectic integration
  • Formal calculus
  • Dynamics of the particle accelerators
  • Hamiltonian systems
  • N body problem
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