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APDB is made from 3 astrometric data bases of JPL, IMC-BDL and USNO, under the auspices of the IAU commission 4. These laboratories gather astrometric data on planets in order to build the database APDB and to use these data for the building of ephemerides.

You will find below a direct access to the entier data set per planet, type of observation and instrument and to planetary ephemerides sites, JPL Horizon Home Page, IMC-BDL Ephemerides Home Page and USNO Web Mica .

The origin of the data, the type of data, the instruments used and the sites of observation regarding the dates are available in the APDB time maps for inner and outer planets.

If you have some observations of planets, you can send them to Please, use the APDB format
We will put them on sites under the 'NEWS 2001' label.

MERCURY: 1774-1997

VENUS: 1774-1997

MARS: 1800-1970

JUPITER: 1775-1983

SATURN: 1775-1983

URANUS: 1753-1995

NEPTUNE: 1846-1995

PLUTO: 1914-1999

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