2004-2012: the transits of Venus
The transits of the XVIIth, XVIIIth and XIXth centuries
The CD Rom on the transits of Venus in the past 
The observation of the transits of Venus has been a major challenge for the astronomers of the past centuries: the goal was to measure the solar system and, from that, the universe. 
Then, it seemed to us, that it should be interesting to make available to teachers, students, historians and to anayome intesrested, the fac-simile of the texts relating the voyages, the observations and the analyses, showing the encountered difficulties, the satisfactions and deceptions of the astronomers of that time.  More than 10 000 pages of texts and images are available on this CD Rom. 
One will find below a link to some of these texts and a link to the summary of a CD Rom gathering such texts.  
  • To order this CD Rom, please send a mail to vt2012(at)imcce.fr or order it via EDP Sciences.

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