Daniel Hestroffer


Curriculum Vitae

Senior Astronomer, at IMCCE since 1998.
1997-1998 post-doc at Turin observatory, OATo, IT.
1995-1998 post-doc ESA fellow at ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL
1994 PhD Astrométrie et photométrie des astéroïdes observés par le satellite Hipparcos (dir. B. Morando, F. Mignard), Observatoire de Paris
Short bio

Membrer of societies SF2A, AGU and EGU, AAS/DPS and AAS/DDA
Member of IAU/UAI - Vice président of division A

Astrometry, space astrometry, orbital dynamics

Dynamical planetology

  • Trans-Neptunians Hershel TNOs are Cool, OSSOS
  • NUMAGS ISSI Bern - International team "Asteroids and Self-Gravitating Bodies as Granular Systems" NuMAGS

Cubesat - space campus


  • Last publication (March 2017):
    Gaia collaboration, et al. 2017. Gaia DR1. Summary of the astrometric, photometric, and survey properties. A&A 595, A2.
  • ADS/NASA : here and there
  • Research Gate here
  • n°1 in normalised citations:
    Hestroffer D. 1997. Centre to limb darkening of stars. A&A 327, 199.
  • Asteroid (15961) Hestroffer at IAU/MPC

Present + previous PhD & post-docs collaborators

  • F. Spoto
  • H. Chen
  • S. Eggl
  • M. Kudryashova
  • I. Kovalenko
  • A. Ivantsov
  • D. Bancelin
  • S. Mouret
DH October 2017