Higher education

University education

Researchers of IMCCE actively take part in the master “Sciences de l’Univers et techniques spatiales” of Observatoire de Paris (major in Dynamics of Gravitational Systems), in the master de physique of ENS Paris-Saclay, as well as in the master de mathématiques appliquées de l’université Paris-Dauphine (major in “Analysis and probability”). The given courses deal with Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems, Perturbation Theory, and their applications to Astronomy.

More generally, the researchers of IMCCE who belong to University Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, University Paris-Dauphine, Orsay University and Lille University contribute to teaching at the licence level (1-3 years) in mathematics and physics.

Other projects

IMCCE researchers are also involved in the project of the the student spatial center CurieSat at université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie dedicated to the conception, realization, and scientific exploitation of a nanosatellite. Due to its field of expertise, IMCCE takes part in the developement of the Meteorix mission, which aims at determining and caracterizing meteores, from space. This project is developed with the physics, engeneering and TEB departments of UPMC, different laboratories at the UPMC, the Janus program of CNES, Sorbonne University and the ESEP Labex.

IMCCE also participates in the animation of planétaire du Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, which represents the Solar System at human scale, for pedagogical purposes, in the Jardin des plantes in front of the Muséum.

Last update Friday 19 June 2020