Asteroids, Comets, Meteors and Ephemerides (ACME)

ACME, through the works of its members, has already acquired a leading experience and expertise related to the small bodies of the Solar system. This excellence is worth as much on the observations – base of any study in astronomy –, of their treatment, of their modeling as of their interpretation. ACME has in particular its own observation devices already tested (T1M Pic du Midi and T60 Makes on the island of La Réunion). But they also use a wide range of observations from stellar occultation – essential to the knowledge of shapes and sizes – to adaptive optics via spectroscopy and photometry. The precise interaction of all these methods and techniques is the first requirement of the team.

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Astronomy and Dynamical Systems (ASD)

The multidisciplinary team Astronomy and Dynamical Systems (ASD) has been created in 1992. It brings together theoricians of the dynamical systems and experts in celestial mechanics.

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Planetology and Environments from Ground Astrometry and Space Exploration (PEGASE)

The PEGASE team is composed of astronomers, professors, PhD students and postdoctorates working on the problematics related to the dynamics of the solar system objects, from the terrestrial environment to the Trans-Neptunian objects. Pégase brings together astronomical observers, celestial mechanics theorists and specialists in numerical modeling, experts in the dynamics of natural satellites, artificial satellites, space debris, asteroids, meteors and planet formation.

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Last update Thursday 08 July 2021