Online ressources

IMCCE contributes to knowledge transfer in publishing different kinds of teaching supports.

Mars in December

Last December, Mars was occulted by the Moon. On this site, you can find everything to understand and observe this kind of phenomenon.

Asteroids, small bodies and more

This site is dedicated to asteroids and small bodies: discoveries, classification, NEOs, potential risks.

Small bodies can also be used as a pretext to calculate the solar parallax. A methodology and exercises allow you to practice approaching a NEO. Focus is also made on some asteroids.

Annular eclipse on Reunion Island

A team of IMCCE members went on Reunion Island to observe annular eclipse in September 2016. A book has been published with local organizers and a video report has been produced to explain the different missions during such an event. Soon online (in French).

Transit of Mercury 2019

You can find in a special website Mercure 2019 every things about the transit’s observation and education materials.

Paris Observatory meridian line

In the historic building, there is the wonder of Paris Observatory : the meridian line.

Designed by Jean-Dominique Cassini and completed by his son in 1729, this line is used to measure the height of the Sun throughout the year. The light of the Sun enters through the gnomon on the south façade and is projected each day at solar noon on the meridian line which indicates the height of the Sun and the constellation in which the Sun is located. A tool allows you to visualize the appearance of the spot and its location on the line for the date of your choice.

Last update Friday 02 June 2023