Melaine Saillenfest


Melaine Saillenfest is a CNRS researcher working at IMCCE (Observatoire de Paris - PSL). His projects are dedicated to the dynamics of planetary systems and small bodies (moons, asteroids, comets, trans-Neptunian objects). From the study of the long-term evolution of orbits and spin axes, he is interested in the formation and evolution of the solar system, and in how it compares to exoplanetary systems in general. Personal webpage

Figure : Artist view of Titan's orbital migration and Saturn's tilting. This system features a multiple coupling between the internal structure of Saturn, the orbital dynamics of Titan, the spin-axis dynamics of Saturn, and the orbital dynamics of the four giant planets of the solar system. Picture credits: Coline Saillenfest.

Research fields

  • Trans-Neptunian objects
  • Natural satellites
  • Spin axes
  • Solar wind