Mirel Birlan

Research activities

  • Spectroscopy and CCD imagery of small bodies of Solar System
  • Comparative planetology, modelling spectra of atmosphereless bodies
  • Astrometry and photometry of Near-Earth Asteroids
  • Statistical analysis of physical data; taxonomy of asteroids
  • Enseignement en astronomie et physique


  • PI of SOVAG spectrograph
  • Pi of CODAM, remote observing center in astronomy
  • Co-editor of Connaissance des Temps (since 2005), an ephemerides yearlybook
  • Co-organizer of séminaire Temps-Espace inside Paris Observatory (since 2014)
  • PI of Programme International de Collaboration Scientifique (PICS-CNRS) entitled PASSO – bilateral programme with Romania (2014-2016)
  • Member of Scientific Council of OSU THETA - Besançon (since 2016)
  • President of National Council of Romanian Astronomers (since 2015)

Publications (non-exhausive list)

  • Dumitru B., Birlan M., Popescu M., Nedelcu D. - Association between meteor showers and asteroids using multivariate criteria, Astronomy & Astrophysics accepted in 2017
  • Anghel S., Birlan M. - Data ingestion methods and taxonomic results using M4AST, Rom Astron. J., vol 27, n.1, pp 3-12, 2017
  • Birlan M., A. Sonka, R. Cornea, C. Danescu, R. Gherase, L. Hudin, M. Popescu, et al. - Romania observed from Romania: an educational program for observing asteroid (7698) Romania during its opposition in 2015, Rom Astron. J., vol 26, n 2, pp 169-179, 2016
  • Birlan M. - Mineralogy of asteroid (10484) Hecht, Rom Astron. J., vol 26, n 2, pp 137-145, 2016
  • Vernazza P., Marsset M., Beck P., Binzel R.P., Birlan M, Cloutis E.A., DeMeo F.E., Dumas C., Hiroi T. - Compositional Homogeneity of CM Parent Bodies, Astron. J. vol 152, issue 3, id.54, 2016
  • Arlot J.-E., Birlan M., Robert V. - The project Naroo (New astrometric reduction of old observations) Rom Astron. J., vol 26, n 1, 2016
  • Birlan M., Nedelcu A., Sonka A., Popescu M., Dumitru B. - Observations for secure and recovery Near-Earth Asteroids, Rom Astron. J., vol 26, n 1, 2016
  • Marsset M., Vernazza P., Birlan M., DeMeo F., Binzel R.P., Dumas C., Milli J., Popescu M. - Compositional characterisation of the Themis family, Astronomy & Astrophysics vol 586, id.A15, 9pp, 2016

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