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Vincent Robert

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Currently Teacher-Researcher at IPSA since 2011, and Associate Researcher at IMCCE of Paris Observatory OBSPM under inter-institutional agreement. My researches are focusing on the high-precision astrometry to improve the system dynamics, with a specialization for the sub-micrometric digitization of old astro-photographic plates: Natural satellites, Planets, Small bodies, Stars.

High-precision astrometry

  • Astro-photographic plates of planetary systems
  • Astro-photographic plates of small bodies
  • Adjustments and dynamical models
  • Observations in the framework of the GAIA-FUN-SSO project

NAROO program

High-precision metrology of the Solar system, over a large timespan, allows to improve the dynamical modelizations, to define numbers of physical properties, and to provide and validate new evolution scenarios. In this framework, the observations realized with old astro-photographic plates have original scientific informations that are essential, and that new technologies are now able to fully exploit. The NAROO program aims at (re-)measuring and (re-)reducing such observations with the most recent technological (sub-micrometric digitization) and scientific (analysis methods and Gaia-DR2 star catalog) tools, to reach the mean positionning accuracy of 1 mas. With this new and/or first analysis, we aim at deepening our knowledge about the past, present and future dynamical evolution of Solar System objects. See the NAROO website.