The IMCCE is responsible, under the aegis of the Bureau of Longitudes, for producing and distributing calendars and ephemerides at the national level. This function is provided at the Institute by its Ephemeris service which:

  • Produces annual publications and editions as well as online ephemerides
  • Diffuses the ephemerides of various bodies of the solar system - natural and artificial, and celestial phenomena
  • Ensures the maintenance and the updating of the databases
  • Provides legal expertise to the courts
  • Provides ephemerides and on-demand data for similar services (USA, Japan), agencies, researchers, laboratories and observatories

The Ephemeris service relies in particular on a computer service for calculation of the ephemerides, and web server of ephemerides (as centre de traitement automatisé de l'information - CTAI), an editing service and an astronomical information service.

Online ephemerides

We are working on the construction of online query forms for the ephemerides of celestial bodies and various derived quantities. Meanwhile, it is possible to use the following online services:

Last update Thursday 14 June 2018