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Latest stable version 1.4.62 (May 24th 2019)

Operating System Processor Archive System Requirements Tested platform
Windows 64 bits
(7 or later)
x86_64 exe None Windows 10, Server 2016
(10.10 or later)
x86_64 dmg None MacOS X 10.14
Linux 64 bits
(kernel 2.6.x and glibc 2.15 or later)
x86_64 tar.gz (provided with libgcc or gcc) (provided with libncurses5 or ncurses-libs-5)

CentOS 7 and debian 9.9
Android (4.0 or later) arm apk None Android 6

If your platform is not in the previous list, please send an e-mail to with your operating system version and processor.

Processor definition:

  • x86 : Intel or AMD processor 32 bits (Pentium IV, Athlon, ...)
  • x86_64 : Intel or AMD processor with the 64 bits extension (Athlon64, Opteron, Core2, Xeon, i5, i7, ...)
  • arm : ARM Cortex-A (Cortex-A53, ...)

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Last update Friday 24 May 2019