Meteor science software ressources


Exhaustive list all meteor software ressources. If anything is missing by all means please add it here! :-)

Other software ressources

MUST USE astronomy librairies

Multi-station meteor setup optimisation

Meteor Optical detection



  • FreeTure (free)
  • ASGARD: not publicly available (R. Weryk, UWO, Canada)


Meteor Radio detection

Lunar Flash

Meteor (optical) data exploitation

Note: I have not found (yet) anything regarding radio data exploitation: please let me know if/when such tool is available

Meteor database

Meteor trajectory and orbit computation (from optical observations)

Publicly available:

Not publicly available:

  • C/C++: Metal (R. Weryk, UWO, Canada)
  • Python: ESA: MRG_MR (MetRec data handling, Py 2.7), mrg_core (useful routines) ; MRG_CILBO or MRG_Orbit (Koschny and Diaz, WGN 2002) and mrg_test_data (to test everything) ; Australia pipeline (NAME+REF) ; FRIPIPE, the FRIPON Pipeline (with a mix of C, as of 2020 - REF)
  • Fortran: FIRBAL (Ceplecha, Borovicka, Spurny et al., Ondrejov Observatory, Czech Republic)
  • IDL: MeteOrbit: the CABERNET pipeline (to be published) + F90 for optimization and accuracy (Vaubaillon, Atreya, Rudawska, Egal, Paris Observatory, France) ; SPARVM (P. Atreya, A. Christou, Armagh Observatory, N.Ireland, UK)

Meteor Spectroscopy

Publicly available:

  • None that I know of: please let me know if/when this is not the case

Not Publicly available:

Meteorite Dark flight and strewn field

Not publicly available:

  • Fortran: FIRBAL (Ceplecha, Borovicka, Spurny et al., Ondrejov Observatory, Czech Republic)
  • Python: FRIPIPE: the FRIPON pipeline (with a mix of C, as of 2020)

Numerical Simulations

Freely available

Not available

Miscalenaous codes

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