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The IMCCE personnel publish articles in various scientific reviews and takes part in international conferences. These articles make possible to diffuse original works, related to research in theoretical celestial mechanics, mathematics, astrometry or planetology and a more technical works applied in the development of the ephemerides.

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Secular dynamics of multiplanetary circumbinary systems: stationary solutions and binary-planet secular resonance

Andrade-Ines Eduardo, Robutel Philippe

Oceanic heat pulses fueling moisture transport towards continental Europe across the mid-Pleistocene transition

Bahr A., Kaboth S., Hodell David A., Zeeden Christian, Fiebig J., Friedrich O.

The Caviar software package for the astrometric reduction of Cassini ISS images: description and examples

Cooper Nicholas J., Lainey Valéry, Meunier L.-E., Murray Carl D., Zhang Q.-F., Baillié Kevin, Evans Mike W., Thuillot William, Vienne Alain

On the coplanar eccentric non-restricted co-orbital dynamics

Leleu Adrien, Robutel Philippe, Correia Alexandre C. M.

The TROY project: Searching for co-orbital bodies to known planets. I. Project goals and first results from archival radial velocity

Lillo Box Jorge, Barrado David, Figueira P., Leleu Adrien, Santos Nuno C., Correia Alexandre C. M., Robutel Philippe, Faria J. P.

Precession and atmospheric CO2 modulated variability of sea ice in the central Okhotsk Sea since 130,000 years ago

Lo Li, Belt Simon T., Lattaud Julie, Friedrich Tobias, Zeeden Christian, Schouten Stefan, Smik Lukas, Timmermann Axel, Cabedo-Sanz Patricia, Huang Jyh-Jaan, Zhou Liping, Ou Tsong-Hua, Chang Yuan-Pin, Wang Liang-Chi, Chou Yu-Min, [...]

  • 2018

The Crvenka loess-paleosol sequence: A record of continuous grassland domination in the southern Carpathian Basin during the Late Pleistocene

Markovic Slobodan B., Sümegi Pal, Stevens Thomas, Schaetzl Randall J., Obreht Igor, Chu Wei, Buggle Bj?rn, Zech Michael, Zech Roland, Zeeden Christian, Gavrilov Milivoj B., Perić Zoran, Svircev Zorica, Lehmkuhl Frank,

  • 2018

Loess correlations – Between myth and reality

Markovic Slobodan B., Stevens Thomas, Mason Joseph, Vandenberghe Jef, Yang Shiling, Veres Daniel, Ujvari G?bor, Timar-Gabor Alida, Zeeden Christian, Guo Zhengtang, Hao Qingzhen, Obreht Igor, Hambach Ulrich, Wu Haibin, Gavrilov Milivoj B., [...]

Physical, spectral, and dynamical properties of asteroid (107) Camilla and its satellites

Pajuelo M., Carry Benoît, Vachier Frédéric, Marsset Michael, Berthier Jerôme, Descamps Pascal, Merline William J., Tamblyn Peter M., Grice J., Conrad Al, Storrs Alex, Timerson Bradley, Dunham David W., Preston S., Vigan Arthur, [...]

  • 2018

Quartz OSL dating of late quaternary Chinese and Serbian loess: A cross Eurasian comparison of dust mass accumulation rates

Peric Zoran, Adolphi Emma Lagerbäck, Stevens Thomas, Ujvari Gabor, Zeeden Christian, Buylaert Jan-Pieter, Markovic Slobodan B., Hambach Ulrich, Fischer Peter, Schmidt Christoph, Schulte Philipp, Huayu Lu, Shuangwen Yi, Lehmkuhl Frank, Obreht Igor, [...]