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The IMCCE personnel publish articles in various scientific reviews and takes part in international conferences. These articles make possible to diffuse original works, related to research in theoretical celestial mechanics, mathematics, astrometry or planetology and a more technical works applied in the development of the ephemerides.

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Long-Term Evolution of the Saturnian System

Matija Ćuk, Maryame El Moutamid, Giacomo Lari, Marc Neveu, Francis Nimmo, Benoît Noyelles, Alyssa Rhoden, Melaine Saillenfest


A recently formed ocean inside Saturn’s moon Mimas

V. Lainey, N. Rambaux, G. Tobie, N. Cooper, Q. Zhang, B. Noyelles, K. Baillié


The Comet Interceptor Mission

Geraint Jones, Colin Snodgrass, Cecilia Tubiana, Michael Küppers, Hideyo Kawakita, Luisa Lara, Jessica Agarwal, Nicolas André, Nicholas Attree, Uli Auster, Stefano Bagnulo, Michele Bannister, Arnaud Beth, Neil Bowles, Andrew Coates [...]


A magnetar giant flare in the nearby starburst galaxy M82

Sandro Mereghetti, Michela Rigoselli, Ruben Salvaterra, Dominik P Pacholski, James C Rodi, Diego Gotz, Edoardo Arrigoni, Paolo d'Avanzo, Christophe Adami, Angela Bazzano, Enrico Bozzo, Riccardo Brivio, Sergio Campana, Enrico Cappellaro [...]


A Bayesian astrochronology for the Cambrian first occurrence of trilobites in West Gondwana (Morocco)

Matthias Sinnesael, Andrew R Millard, Martin R Smith


Characterising TOI-732 b and c: New insights into the M-dwarf radius and density valley

A. Bonfanti, M. Brady, T. G. Wilson, J. Venturini, J. A. Egger, A. Brandeker, S. G. Sousa, M. Lendl, A. E. Simon, D. Queloz, G. Olofsson, V. Adibekyan, Y. Alibert, L. Fossati, M. J. Hooton, D. Kubyshkina, R. Luque, F. Murgas, A. J. Mustill [...]


A new method to evaluate the power ratio distributions of astronomical signals: A case study from Upper Cretaceous terrestrial sediments

He Huang, Hanting Zhong, Chao Ma, Matthias Sinnesael, Yuan Gao, Yuyin Li, Mingcai Hou, Chengshan Wang