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The IMCCE personnel publish articles in various scientific reviews and takes part in international conferences. These articles make possible to diffuse original works, related to research in theoretical celestial mechanics, mathematics, astrometry or planetology and a more technical works applied in the development of the ephemerides.

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Orbital forcing and abrupt events in a continental weathering proxy from central Europe (Most Basin, Czech Republic, 17.7--15.9 Ma) recorded beginning of the Miocene Climatic Optimum

Matys Grygar T., Mach K., Schnabl P., Martínez M., Zeeden Christian

Secular dynamics of multiplanetary circumbinary systems: stationary solutions and binary-planet secular resonance

Andrade-Ines Eduardo, Robutel Philippe

Oceanic heat pulses fueling moisture transport towards continental Europe across the mid-Pleistocene transition

Bahr A., Kaboth S., Hodell David A., Zeeden Christian, Fiebig J., Friedrich O.

Integrated stratigraphy of ODP Site 1115 (Solomon Sea, southwestern equatorial Pacific) over the past 3.2 Ma

Chuang Chih-Kai, Lo Li, Zeeden Christian, Chou Yu-Min, Wei Kuo-Yen, Shen Chuan-Chou, Mii Horng-Sheng, Chang Yuan-Pin, Tung Ying-Hung

The Caviar software package for the astrometric reduction of Cassini ISS images: description and examples

Cooper Nicholas J., Lainey Valéry, Meunier L.-E., Murray Carl D., Zhang Q.-F., Baillié Kevin, Evans Mike W., Thuillot William, Vienne Alain

Time perception of a meteorite fall

Egal Auriane, Veljkovic K., Vaubaillon Jérémie, Kwon Min-Kyung, Perlerin V., Hankey M., Colas François, Thuillot William

The Draconid Meteoroid Stream 2018: Prospects for Satellite Impact Detection

Egal Auriane, Wiegert Paul, Brown P. G., Moser Danielle E., Moorhead Althea V., Cooke William J.

  • 2018

Loess distribution and related Quaternary sediments in the Carpathian Basin

Lehmkuhl Frank, Bösken Janina, Ho¨ek Jan, Sprafke Tobias, Marković Slobodan B, Obreht Igor, Hambach Ulrich, Sümegi Pal, Thiemann Arne, Steffens Stefanie, Lindner Heiko, Veres Daniel, Zeeden Christian

On the coplanar eccentric non-restricted co-orbital dynamics

Leleu Adrien, Robutel Philippe, Correia Alexandre C. M.

The TROY project: Searching for co-orbital bodies to known planets. I. Project goals and first results from archival radial velocity

Lillo Box Jorge, Barrado David, Figueira P., Leleu Adrien, Santos Nuno C., Correia Alexandre C. M., Robutel Philippe, Faria J. P.