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The IMCCE personnel publish articles in various scientific reviews and takes part in international conferences. These articles make possible to diffuse original works, related to research in theoretical celestial mechanics, mathematics, astrometry or planetology and a more technical works applied in the development of the ephemerides.

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Orbital forcing and abrupt events in a continental weathering proxy from central Europe (Most Basin, Czech Republic, 17.7--15.9 Ma) recorded beginning of the Miocene Climatic Optimum

Matys Grygar T., Mach K., Schnabl P., Martínez M., Zeeden Christian

Secular dynamics of multiplanetary circumbinary systems: stationary solutions and binary-planet secular resonance

Andrade-Ines Eduardo, Robutel Philippe

Report of the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements: 2015

Archinal B. A., Acton C. H., A'Hearn M. F., Conrad Al, Consolmagno Guy J., Duxbury Tom, Hestroffer Daniel, Hilton James L., Kirk Randolph L., Klioner S. A., Mccarthy D., Meech Karen J., Oberst Jürgen, Ping J., Seidelmann P. Kenneth, [...]

Gaia Data Release 2. Catalogue validation

Arenou Frédéric, Luri Xavier, Babusiaux Carine, Fabricius Claus, Helmi Amina, Muraveva T., Robin Annie C., Spoto Federica, Vallenari Antonella, Antoja Teresa, Cantat-Gaudin T., Jordi C., Leclerc Nicolas, Reylé Céline, Romero-Gómez M., [...]

Oceanic tides from Earth-like to ocean planets

Auclair-Desrotour Pierre, Mathis Stéphane, Laskar Jacques, Leconte Jeremy

Atmospheric thermal tides and planetary spin. I. The complex interplay between stratification and rotation

Auclair-Desrotour Pierre, Mathis Stéphane, Laskar Jacques

Gaia Data Release 2. Observational Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams

Babusiaux Carine, Van Leeuwen F., Barstow Martin A., Jordi C., Vallenari Antonella, Bossini Diego, Bressan A., Cantat-Gaudin T., Van Leeuwen M., Brown Anthony G. A., Prusti T., De Bruijne J. H. J., Bailer-Jones C. A. L., Biermann M., Evans Dafydd W., [...]

Oceanic heat pulses fueling moisture transport towards continental Europe across the mid-Pleistocene transition

Bahr A., Kaboth S., Hodell David A., Zeeden Christian, Fiebig J., Friedrich O.

Dynamical evolution of triple-star systems by Lidov-Kozai cycles and tidal friction

Bataille M., Libert Anne-Sophie, Correia Alexandre C. M.

Solar wind dynamics around a comet. A 2D semi-analytical kinetic model

Behar E., Tabone Benoît, Saillenfest Melaine, Henri Pierre, Deca J., Lindkvist J., Holmström M., Nilsson H.