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The IMCCE personnel publish articles in various scientific reviews and takes part in international conferences. These articles make possible to diffuse original works, related to research in theoretical celestial mechanics, mathematics, astrometry or planetology and a more technical works applied in the development of the ephemerides.

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Testing GR and alternative theories with planetary ephemerides

Agnès Fienga, Olivier Minazzoli


The equilibrium shape of (65) Cybele: primordial or relic of a large impact?

M. Marsset, M. Brož, J. Vermersch, N. Rambaux, M. Ferrais, M. Viikinkoski, J. Hanuš, E. Jehin, E. Podlewska-Gaca, P. Bartczak, G. Dudziński, B. Carry, P. Vernazza, R. Szakáts, R. Duffard, A. Jones, D. Molina, T. Santana-Ros, Z. Benkhaldoun [...]


A 20‐million‐year Early Jurassic cyclostratigraphic record and its implications for the chaotic inner Solar System and sea‐level changes

Guillaume Charbonnier, Slah Boulila, Bruno Galbrun, Jacques Laskar, Silvia Gardin, Isabelle Rouget


Importance of accurately measuring LDOS maps using scanning tunneling spectroscopy in materials presenting atom-dependent charge order: The case of the correlated Pb/Si(111) single atomic layer

C. Tresca, T. Bilgeri, Gerbold Ménard, V. Cherkez, R. Federicci, D. Longo, M. Hervé, F. Debontridder, P. David, D. Roditchev, G. Profeta, T. Cren, M. Calandra, Christophe Brun


The multichord stellar occultation by the centaur Bienor on January 11, 2019

E. Fernández-Valenzuela, N. Morales, M. Vara-Lubiano, J L Ortiz, G. Benedetti-Rossi, B. Sicardy, M. Kretlow, P. Santos-Sanz, B. Morgado, D. Souami, F. Organero, L. Ana, F. Fonseca, A. Román, S. Alonso, R. Gonçalves, M. Ferreira [...]


Resonant quasi-periodic near-rectilinear Halo orbits in the Elliptic-Circular Earth-Moon-Sun Problem

Daniel Villegas-Pinto, Nicola Baresi, Slim Locoche, Daniel Hestroffer


The magnetic field and multiple planets of the young dwarf AU Mic

J.-F Donati, P.I Cristofari, B Finociety, B Klein, C Moutou, E Gaidos, C Cadieux, E Artigau, A.C.M Correia, G Boué, N.J Cook, A Carmona, L.T Lehmann, J Bouvier, E Martioli, J Morin, P Fouqué, X Delfosse, R Doyon, G Hébrard, S.H.P Alencar [...]


A new dynamical modeling of the WASP-47 system with CHEOPS observations

V. Nascimbeni, L. Borsato, T. Zingales, G. Piotto, I. Pagano, M. Beck, C. Broeg, D. Ehrenreich, S. Hoyer, F. Z. Majidi, V. Granata, S. G. Sousa, T. G. Wilson, V. van Grootel, A. Bonfanti, S. Salmon, A. J. Mustill, L. Delrez, Y. Alibert, R. Alonso [...]

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