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The IMCCE personnel publish articles in various scientific reviews and takes part in international conferences. These articles make possible to diffuse original works, related to research in theoretical celestial mechanics, mathematics, astrometry or planetology and a more technical works applied in the development of the ephemerides.

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Proceedings of the annual meeting of the French Society of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Mamadou N'Diaye, Arnaud Siebert, Nadège Lagarde, Olivia Venot, Kevin Baillie, Matthieu Bethermin, Eric Lagadec, Julien Malzac, Johan, Richard


UV spectroscopy of artificial meteors (200–400 nm)

J. Vaubaillon, N. Rambaux, S. Loehle, P. Matlovič, J. Tóth, Jean-François Mariscal


A limit of nonplanar 5-body central configurations is nonplanar

Alain Albouy, Antonio Carlos Fernandes


Resurgence and Mould Calculus

David Sauzin


Bayesian test of the strong equivalence principle in Brans-Dicke theories with planetary ephemerides

Vincenzo Mariani, Olivier Minazzoli, Agnès Fienga, Jacques Laskar, Mickaël Gastineau


The magnetic field and multiple planets of the young dwarf AU Mic

J-F Donati, P Cristofari, B Finociety, B Klein, C Moutou, E Gaidos, C Cadieux, E Artigau, A Correia, G Boué, N Cook, A Carmona, L Lehmann, J Bouvier, E Martioli, J Morin, P Fouqué, X Delfosse, R Doyon, G Hébrard, S Alencar, J Laskar, L Arnold [...]


Self-Supervised Sidewalk Perception Using Fast Video Semantic Segmentation for Robotic Wheelchairs in Smart Mobility

Redouane Khemmar, Vishnu Pradeep, Louis Lecrosnier, Y Duchemin, Romain Rossi, Benoit Decoux


Critical points at infinity of the 3-body Problem in $\mathbb{R}^4$

Alain Albouy, Holger R. Dullin


Une nouvelle application de détection de météores robuste aux mouvements de caméra

Clara Ciocan, Mathuran Kandeepan, Adrien Cassagne, Jeremie Vaubaillon, Fabian Zander, Lionel Lacassagne


Real-Time and Approximate Iterative Optical Flow Implementation on Low-Power Embedded CPUs

Maxime Millet, Adrien Cassagne, Nicolas Rambaux, Lionel Lacassagne