2019 Quadrantids

K. Baillié and J. Desmars monitored the Quadrantids meteor shower from Observatoire de Haute Provence on the night of january 3rd-4th 2019 with several instruments including optical and Near-Infrared cameras owned by IMCCE and ONERA as well as LIDAR hosted at the OHP-LATMOS G. Megie building, with the help of W. Thuillot.

J. Desmars setting up the NIR camera (Credit: K. Baillié).

Setting up the cameras

2h30 stacking of 30s pictures featuring ~ 25 meteors showing the radiant of the Quadrantids meteor shower (Credit: K. Baillié).


Bonus: comet 46P/Wirtanen from the T120 telescope (Credit: J. Desmars, K. Baillié, W. Thuillot).

46P from OHP-T120

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Last update Friday 25 January 2019