RAPAS (Réseau Amateurs Professionnels pour les Alertes Scientifiques)

Thanks to the support of the scientific council of the Paris Observatory, we are setting up in 2022 a network of amateur astronomers to follow up on various scientific alerts from terrestrial or space programs. These programs, among which Gaia is emblematic, require rapid responses that can be achieved with amateur telescopes. The targets cover a wide spectrum, spanning from new solar system objects to supernovae or Gamma-Ray Bursts, including novae or stars outburst, for example. This activity calls for different techniques: astrometry, photometry and spectroscopy. It requires the organization of workshops, the first of which will take place in October 2022. It is coordinated by W. Thuillot (IMCCE), Th. Midavaine (SAF), M. Dennefeld (IAP), Ch. Buil (ARAS). More details are available here (http://rapas.imcce.fr/)

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Last update Thursday 30 June 2022