Observation campaign of the mutual phenomena of Jupiter's satellites


Mutual events occur when the Earth and the Sun are crossing the common plane in which the satellites orbit. In the case of Jupiter's satellites, this configuration happens every 6 years.

A mutual occultation: photometric signal.

Jupiter's equinox of 2021

Due to the passage of Jupiter at equinox in 2021, the observations of a series of eclipses and occultations between the galilean satellites will provide high quality data allowing to reach an unprecedented resolution in the satellites dynamical models. These observations are even accessible with personnal telescopes.

Jupiter's equinox of 2015

There were 442 observable events between september 1st, 2014 and july 20th, 2015. During this campaign (PHEMU15), 236 such phenomena were observed. One of them has been recorded by 17 different telescopes, and amateur astronomers transmitted more than 600 light curves.

Observation sites of the 2015 mutual phenomena of Jupiter's satellites.

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Download the observation form, fill it in and send it back together with the data for each observed phenomenon.

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