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  • M. Gastineau, “Parallel operations of sparse polynomials on multicores – I. Multiplication and Poisson bracket”, PASCO 2010, July 21-23 2010, Grenoble, France

  • M. Gastineau and J. Laskar, “TRIP – a computer algebra system dedicated to celestial mechanics and perturbation series”, ISSAC 2010, Munich, Germany

    Software Presentations

  • M. Gastineau and J. Laskar, “Development of TRIP: Fast Sparse Multivariate Polynomial Multiplication Using Burst Tries”, Computational Science – ICCS 2006, pp. 446-453

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science

  • J. Laskar, “Manipulation des séries”, Modern Methods in Celestial Mechanics, Comptes rendus de la 13e École de printemps d’astrophysique de Goutelas (France), 24-29 avril, 1989. Edited by Daniel Benest and Claude Froeschle. Gif-sur-Yvette: Editions Frontieres, 1990, p.89

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