TRIP is a general computer algebra system dedicated to celestial mechanics. TRIP includes a numerical kernel.

A limited version of TRIP, fully documented, that includes the numerical kernel (matlab-like) and graphic interface is available freely for download for many platforms under the following conditions.


J. Laskar, M. Gastineau
Astronomie et systèmes dynamiques
Institut de mécanique céleste et de calcul des éphémérides
77 avenue Denfert-Rochereau
75014 PARIS




  • Computation with different numerical precision: double, quadruple and multiple precision (through GNU MP/GNU MPFR/MPC)
  • Numerical kernel (numerical vectors and matrices)
  • Interface to gnuplot or grace to display graphics
  • Multi-core support for fast execution of parallel operations
  • Interface to other computer algebra system through the SCSCP protocol or to Maple and Mathematica
  • SCSCP server for other computer algebra system or client application
  • Interface to other external dynamic libraries (such as SOFA, etc.) to call C or fortran code
  • Interface to LAPACK
  • Syntax coloring for different editors: emacs, gedit, kwrite, bbedit, vim, etc.


  • Any non-authorised copy or use is illegal
  • This software may be used free-of-charge for academic research
  • Copyright 1988-2021, J. Laskar ASD/IMCCE/CNRS


Installation problems

Report any installation problem to

Report bugs or post questions

Report bugs or post questions about how to use TRIP to trip-support.
This covers problems with calculations, entering expressions and similar, etc.


An open source library, SCSCP C Library, has been developed under the TRIP project to implement the Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol.

Last update Monday 25 October 2021